Monday, July 18, 2011

The beach's latest surprise

Our group spotted it at a chain drug store. Though I did not get to see it in person, I still had to share the picture with you.

Sorry about the slightly murky image; clicking on it to enlarge it might help a bit.

I like to think about the marketing team meeting that led to this product's name. What marketing big brain first suggested the name "Butt Paste"? What crack squad (pun intended) agreed it was just the ticket for their new product?

Further, what prompted them to put "Original" above the name? Have others put out imitation Boudreaux butt paste? Is that copycat butt paste somehow inferior?

Finally, why would they ever admit on the label that this product is simply the same zinc oxide you can buy under many other names in the same stores? Wouldn't they at least want to preserve the mystery of butt paste at least until the fine print of the ingredients section?



Cameron Moccari said...

We own some of this. Works like a charm!

Mark said...


LB said...

I always assumed this was marketed towards cyclists (we like stuff to be called what it is, gosh durn it ;) Though I prefer Beljum "Hard Core" Budder myself.

Mark said...

Until I Googled that product, I thought you had made it up. I still kinda wish you had.


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