Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation day

Scott graduated from high school today. I was and am, as you might expect, incredibly proud of him, though far more because he's a great person than because he graduated.

The most touching part of the ceremony was when each senior took a yellow rose and presented it to her or his mother. Even though I obviously didn't get a rose, I found the sight of all these young people hugging and thanking their mothers to be quite moving.

Scott, like Sarah, went to this school for 14 years. Some of his friends go back that far. Thus, the changes that graduation will bring are profound, but I know he will handle them well.

This was Scott's day, so for me to write more about it now seems inappropriate.


Eric said...

We were so proud of Scott. It was a privilege to watch him walk across the stage.

Scott Luihn said...

Congrats to Scott and his fine family - we still have a year to go and know it will go fast!

Mark said...

Thanks, Eric and Scott.

Scott, it will indeed go fast.


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