Monday, April 4, 2011

Keeping the Children No More giveaway program going

As many of you are probably aware, last year I announced a program in which I said I would be donating all of my income from sales of the hardback of my last Jon and Lobo novel, Children No More, to Falling Whistles to help rehabilitate and reintegrate war-affected children. If you weren't aware of this program, you can learn more about it on the Children No More Web site.

I've decided now to change that program.

I'm going to donate to Falling Whistles everything I earn from all sales of all editions, electronic and print, hardback and paperback, of the novel.

This decision is going to cost me a fair amount of money. I had originally planned to keep the proceeds of the ebook and paperback sales because, well, it's nice to get some compensation for the year's worth of work that goes into writing a novel. I decided, though, that I could afford to live without the money, and the cause could definitely use it.

I won't repeat here all the information on the site I mentioned above. You can read it there. What I will repeat is this: we should not use children as soldiers, and we should help those poor kids whom others have used in this horrible way.

The paperback of Children No More goes on sale on July 5th of this year. Here's my request of all of you: Help promote it. Buy copies. Get others to do it. If you don't want to support the book, donate directly to Falling Whistles.

As we say on the site,

Lose yourself in other worlds, do a good deed in this one.


Joint said...

I already bought the hardback, but since I recently bought a Kindle, this gives me even more reason to buy a digital copy!

Mark said...

Thanks for the support!

Michelle said...

What a lovely, generous gesture. I already bought the eArc version and the hardback, but I think the paperback would make nice gifts for friends and, now that I know about your newest proposal, I am even happier to do so. Thank you for one more reason to purchase Children No More. It was a terrific read.

Mark said...

Thanks for all the support and the kind words.

J. Griffin Barber said...

Now I'll buy another copy.

Mark said...

Thanks for the support, Griffin.

Anonymous said...

i bought children when it first came out, its one of the most powerful analogies to what goes on in Africa and other places i've read. I've known about the horror's of child war for decades. As someone that is a disabled vet, fireman, police officer and mercenary I am glad someone is bringing this out in the open.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words, and for all your service.

Anonymous said...

btw, im only a disabled vet now. that kinda trumps anything else you can be. I've had people ask me if i regret any of my services and I've always answered the same way: i don't regret anything I've done, but many things i didn't do. you should trying to talk to some mercenary's about what its like, some of the stories not about fighting will astound you. an easy, short example: I noticed one night on patrol my sergeant wearing 2 rolex's, one on each wrist. I asked him why he'd wear 2 all the time. his answer, ones to get me out of the country, the other is to get me into another. it was how he'd got out of Iran when the shaw fell. dont be shocked if you get some that refuse to give names or places. It wasn't that long ago that even looking for work as an American was illegal. I dont even know how to find work like that anymore. back in the 80's it was easy, just grab the Honolulu, LA, Miami or London papers and look for ads for "overseas security". and then read between the lines.

Mrs. Turkey Bird said...

I'm going to be featuring your book in an upcoming blog post. Is there any particular post on your website that you'd like me to link things to? :)

L. McK.

aka: Mrs. Turkey Bird

Mark said...

Thanks, Laro. How about the Children No More Web site (


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