Thursday, April 14, 2011

In praise of Marilyn and Jack Budrow

Marilyn and Jack Budrow run the strings program at Scott's school. That verb is about to have to go to the past tense, because after 23 years of working there, they are retiring this year. They will probably never read this, but they deserve the praise, and so they shall have it.

The Budrows have worked with Scott and Sarah since lower school. They've helped my kids learn to play in orchestras and fostered their love of music. They've done the same with hundreds of other children. I don't know them well enough to do more than say hello, but I have long appreciated them.

Time and again, I've watched Marilyn Budrow run recitals and accompany the young violinists. She's an organizational rock in the constantly shifting landscape that is any group of young people. Her passion is evident and infectious.

For years and years, I've also watched as Jack Budrow took the stage, introduced songs, told the odd corny joke, and then conducted the orchestras. Energetic and passionate, he is an always entertaining leader.

In an era in which schools all over the nation are cutting fine arts programs in general and strings in particular, the Budrows have fought the good fight to make their program vibrant and successful. They have won many of those battles, most recently returning from a Georgia competition with the strings orchestra having earned the highest scores of any musical group of any type in competition.

I'm glad to have gotten to watch them in action. The world can never have enough good teachers, and with the retirement of the Budrows, it loses two whose students will always remember them.

Well done, Jack and Marilyn.

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