Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On the road again: Portland, day 3

Another very long work day, another ton of cool stuff I can't discuss.

I can mention the excellent dinner we enjoyed at Gabriel Rucker's second restaurant, Little Bird. I made a meal of starters, and everything I tasted was delicious. The pork belly, soft egg, and frisee salad, and the foie torchon were, predictably, stand-outs. The desserts here also deserve special mention; Pastry Chef Lauren Fortgang, formerly of Paley's Place, is at the top of her game. You can't go wrong with anything, though I have to particularly recommend the classic Apple Tart Tartin.

If I lived in Portland, I would be tempted to eat at both Le Pigeon and Little Bird once a week. Unfortunately, if I did so, I would swell so large that the Oregon government could moor me off the coast as a vacation resort island for those into climbing large fleshy mounds. Okay, that grossed out even me, so I'll stop now before the images in your head become too much to bear.


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