Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the road again: Portland, day 2

For all the usual confidentiality reasons, I can't tell you about any of my work on these trips. I can say that I love the rushing pace of technology products; the future is always bringing cool, interesting new tech.

Dinner tonight was at Ping, a place I've never tried before. The food is Southeast Asian, with a special focus on the cuisines of Singapore and Malaysia. Consequently, the menu was full of dishes that were new to me. I sampled a familiar skewer, but a particularly delicious one, because it featured Kobe beef, before going on to a small pork collar appetizer with a lovely sour chili sauce. My main course was a wide-noodle soup with a duck leg, large pieces of mushroom, spinach, and an intense broth.

For dessert, we sampled an ice cream sundae of sorts that combined pandanas ice cream with sweet sticky rice, coconut, shaved nuts, and chocolate; it was lovely. We also tried the black sesame ice cream, which I quite liked.

The flavors are new enough to me that I can't say Ping immediately became a new all-time favorite, but it was good enough and sufficiently intriguing that I hope to go back.

Post-dinner time is work time, so to that I go.

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