Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm constantly amazed

at how hard it is for so many people to say, "I was wrong." Many of us would have enough spare time to take up a new hobby if accepting personal responsibility wasn't so hard for most folks. The energy that businesses expend dancing around errors and the sources of the responsibility for them could power a small country's economy. Relationships would be healthier, or at least move faster to wherever they're going, if accepting blame wasn't more difficult for most people than beating Michael Jordan in a slam-dunk contest while wearing concrete boots. We certainly could help ourselves and the U.S. economy if we could learn to say or write those three words when appropriate, then move on.

End of mini rant.

And, for those who will inevitably ask, no one recent event led to this entry; it comes from a build-up over time.

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J. Griffin Barber said...

Mini rant. I don't know how to do those. Mine are rather a bit longer...


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