Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the road again: Boston, day 2

Yesterday, I mentioned the trees covered on one side with snow. Here's a shot of them; as always, click on any image to enlarge it. I took this with my phone and from across the street, but with luck it'll at least serve to give you the idea.

Even the signs hanging from the buildings ended up with snow on one side.

Today was mostly a work-in-the-hotel day, thanks to the snow's effect on some proposed meetings.

The last time I'd eaten at L'Espalier, the meal had been so weak--at times, so outright bad--that I'd written that it would take a lot to get me to go there again. Almost all the online reviews I've seen recently have praised the place, however, so I took them as a good omen and gave it another shot tonight.

I'm very glad I did. The meal was topnotch from start to finish. We had the chef's tasting menu, so we never knew what was coming next, which is one of my favorite ways to dine at a good restaurant. Though the chefs kept the shape of the meal largely within classic French boundaries, their creations displayed enough inventiveness that I never found it too predictable. I must now recant my previous post and once again recommend L'Espalier to anyone in this area. (If you go for the chef's tasting menu, though, bring plenty of money; it is not cheap.)

I have more work to do and then must crash so I can get up early for meetings, but for no good reason, I thought you might enjoy a photo of our cat, Lyra, attempting to help with laptop work (fortunately, not mine).

She did manage to trigger the spelling checker; perhaps the sheer numerical orientation of the Excel spreadsheet offended her.

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