Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On the road again: Boston, day 1

The weather news was filled with stories of the blizzard hitting Boston, so I wasn't sure I was going to make it here today. JetBlue canceled my first flight, but after a long time on hold yesterday I was able to move to a 5:35 flight this afternoon. It left about 20 minutes late, but it left, and it landed almost on the initial schedule. We hit a little rough air coming down and had a more exciting time braking on the Logan runway than I would have preferred, but I've had far worse landings and so cannot complain at all.

I'm in town for some client visits and Arisia, the Boston-area convention I try to attend each year. You can see my activities on my Appearances page; if you're at the con, come by any of them and chat.

Dinner was at Oishii, which was, much to my delight, still open despite the snow. The food was excellent, as always; perhaps I'll post a few pictures tomorrow.

Also coming tomorrow, if I'm not bogged down in work and don't forget, will be a picture or two of the trees that are, rather beautifully, coated with snow on one side and clear on the other, all thanks to the sideways-blowing snow.

For now, more work, then a big, crashing sound as I fall into bed.

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