Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 2011 awards self-pimpage post

Like many writers in the science fiction and fantasy area, I'm aware that the awards nominating season is upon us. In particular, the Hugo awards, the fan-voted accolades that are a centerpiece of each year's World SF convention, are now open for nomination. (For more information on this year's Hugos, see this page. To learn more about Renovation, the 2011 WorldCon, go here.) To help those interested in supporting my work, and of course to beg as gracefully as I can manage, here are the works for which I'm eligible this year:

Short story: "Lobo, Actually."

This piece appeared in my Jump Gate Twist omnibus. I like it quite a bit; after all, how can you not like a Christmas story that stars a heavily armed, hyper-intelligent killing machine? The fact that it's only in that volume, however, does mean not that many folks saw it.

Novel: Children No More

If you've read this blog for any period of time, or if you've seen this book, then you know how much it and the topic it addresses--child soldiers--means to me. I think it's a good book, my best yet, and of course I'd love for it to win a Hugo, but what writer wouldn't love that for any of her/his books?

Now, a more important plea: Whether you nominate my work or someone else's, please nominate.

If you're an attending member of the con, you already have the right to nominate for free. If you're not, you can buy a supporting membership for $50, support the con, get its publications, and have the right to nominate. Yes, you can help decide which books have Hugo Winner! on their covers.

Here's the amazing thing about the Hugos: in any recent year, a fiction work of any length will make the final ballot with 60 or more nominations. Yes, just sixty. So, if you love a book or story or movie or many of those--mine or anyone else's--please consider nominating it.

As my final bit of self-pimpage, I will note this: If I make the ballot, I'll show up for the ceremony in my tuxedo, and I'll post pictures here. So, those who want to see me in a monkey suit in public, here's your chance.

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