Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update on my health: eating better!

I'm definitely healing--and well ahead of the doctor's predictions. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday, as well as until dinner on Wednesday, eating exactly as the doctor ordered: the BRAT diet. Wow, is it dull! Here's my menu for those days:

Lunch: turkey and rice soup, two pieces of dry white toast
Dinner: chicken noodle soup, two pieces of dry white toast
Late-night snack: applesauce--once on two pieces of dry white toast

My beverages were water, rather a lot of it, and about eight ounces of Gatorade a day.

Wednesday night, though, was Gina's Hanukkah party, and I was feeling good, so I indulged in two latkes, one with sour cream and the other with applesauce, two small glasses of Coke Zero, some chips, and a small bowl of dessert (small piece of ice cream cake, two bites of chocolate cake). My body handled it without a problem, for which I am grateful.

Today was my company's monthly all-hands meeting, at which we always serve pizza. I normally go the meat route, but this was my first pizza in some time, so I opted for two pieces of plain cheese pie. No problem. I gave my stomach a more formidable challenge tonight at a friend's birthday dinner at a local burrito place she favors. Again, no problem.

So, I conclude I am progressing nicely, which is good, because I leave for Las Vegas at oh-dark-thirty!


J. Griffin Barber said...

Good deal!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better but go easy on the food for a bit, you don't want a relapse. Safe travels.....Chris.....

Todd said...

Really glad to hear your'e feeling better. Everyone seems to be down for the count right now.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words, Griffin and Chris.

Mark said...

Thanks, Todd. I'm sorry to hear that others are also down.


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