Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yes, I feel strongly enough about the topic to use both all capital letters and bold font. I really do.

Today is an election day. Exercise your constitutional right to vote. Head to your polling place, and vote for the candidates you prefer. If you feel that you don't know enough to vote yet, study up; you can find useful data and digest it in a short time. The polls will be open for at least several more hours.

More often than not in my years of voting, I have opted for candidates who lost. It doesn't matter. I tried. I gave them my vote, not enough other people did, and they lost. So it goes. What matters is that we all try to put in place the leaders we think will do the best jobs (or the least damage, which is sometimes the same thing).

Many Americans before us have shed blood, lost loved ones, given up everything they had, and in many cases died to secure for us the right to vote. Use that right, and vote today.


Michelle said...

It was good to see that I had to stand in line to vote today. However, there should be some kind of express line designated for those that have to be at work and just want to vote and those that want to chat, drink coffee and discuss politics causing the line to move at a snail's pace. Oh, did I mention the line was mostly made up of retirees who apparently play the one up game as to who gets up the earliest? I caught one conversation about how the polls should be open earlier and why aren't there free coffee and donuts for the voters. Geez. But, I agree with you, Mark. Voting is a privilege we should all take advantage of. Just not when I have to get to work.

Mark said...

A small price to pay, I feel, though sorry for your hassles.

steveburnett said...

Nicest thing anyone said to me today: "You never miss one of these!" by one of the volunteers at my voting location.

Mark said...

That is an excellent comment, indeed.


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