Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jackass 3-D

Yes, I went to see it. Actually, Scott and I did, one Saturday afternoon a bit ago.

Yes, I know that, as Kyle said, I should be embarrassed at having done so. To a degree, I am. It was stupid and vulgar and, of course, entirely pointless. The 3-D effects made it even more so.

The thing is, though, that each and every person in the theater--about a dozen men and half a dozen women--was laughing so hard so often that we all forgot to be embarrassed. The movie was indeed all of those bad things, but it was also incredibly funny. I laughed so hard that my sides hurt.

Multiple women have told me that it's clearly a guy thing, and I've tended to agree, but the women watching with us laughed as hard and as loudly as we did, and on the way out they were praising the movie at least as much as the guys. (I notice these things, because I almost always stay to see the credits.)

I can't really recommend the film, but I can say that if you're in its audience, you will laugh loud and long and be glad you went.

And you'll also be a little embarrassed that you did.

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