Sunday, November 7, 2010

About signing books

Recently, some folks have emailed me about whether I would sign books for them. I have to dream that someday I'll be so successful that I'll receive so many such requests that I could never say yes to all of them, but that's not where I am today. So, yes, I'll happily sign your books. All you have to do is contact me (email me via the Contact page on my site) and I'll tell you where to send the books. When you mail the book(s), please include a return envelope and postage, and I'll get them back to you as quickly as I can.

Publisher Toni would have every right to beat me senseless if I didn't also add that copies of Children No More, Jump Gate Twist, Overthrowing Heaven, Slanted Jack, and One Jump Ahead make excellent holiday gifts for the entire family.

There. Now she won't beat me.


Anonymous said...

Well, I reserve the right to beat you, but not for lack of self-promotion here....--Toni

Mark said...

I think that right is in every publisher's contract, isn't it?


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