Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eatin' man food

Scott and I were alone for much of last night, so I decided to make us some man food. I left work early (for me; late for anyone else), stopped at a grocery store, and picked up supplies. Then, we chatted a bit while I cooked:

* steak with Stilton, a joy I discovered in a small restaurant in the country outside Coventry

* "enhanced" (with a variety of stuff) penne Alfredo (No, I won't tell you all that I did to it, but I will say that the combination worked.)

While I finished the cooking, Scott did some more homework, and then we ate together and chatted about our days.

I had a great time. The joy of a simple meal with your son is hard to overstate. I am blessed to have an amazing, terrific son, and as his senior year charges ahead, I appreciate more and more every chance I get to spend time with Scott.

The food was pretty darn good, too.

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