Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it like this at your house?

The other night, as I was leaving work about 8:45 p.m., I spilled some liquid on my AVAM shirt. I like that shirt, because it reminds me of that museum, which I like a great deal. Rather than risk a stain, I went to the men's restroom, took it off, and washed out the wet regions. In the process, of course, I made the shirt even wetter--so wet that I did not want to put it back on. So, I didn't. I walked to my car shirtless.

As I was driving, I called home to say that I was finally leaving work. The following conversation occurred:

Sarah: Van Name residence.

me: Hi, Sarah, it's your dad.

Sarah: Oh, hi, Dad.

me: Would you please tell your mother I'm on my way home?

Sarah: Sure. [Pushes phone aside.] Mom, Dad's on his way home.

me: Thanks. I spilled on my shirt, so I had to wash it, and now I'm driving shirtless.

Sarah: I see. [Pushes phone aside.] He says he was seized by the spirit of the wild mustang and had to take off his shirt. He's now driving shirtless.

[voice I could not make out]

Sarah: Mom said you should embrace the mustang's spirit and take off the pants, too.


Sarah: I'm not relaying messages for you guys any more.
Just another day at our house.


Sarah said...

No more relays.

J. Griffin Barber said...

That may need to be added to the stories you tell for the Liar's Panel.

Mark said...

Not for a while, at least. We need to lower your guard.

Mark said...

Griffin, you may well be right.

Ticia said...

Sarah, please reconsider. The stories aren't as much fun if there's no mortified child involved. :)


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