Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She sure can write

I love reading Sarah's writing. I know I'm biased, but in this case, I'm also right. For samples, check out the blog she and some friends are doing, a site I've mentioned before: A Year In Prose.

This entry of hers in particular grabbed me. Who hasn't missed someone that way?

I was surprised by her post this week, because it's skiffy of a sort and unlike any of her previous writing.

While you're reading her entries or any of the others on this blog, be sure to listen to some of the music. They've provided a nice selection of songs, and you're almost certain to encounter something you've never heard before.

Okay, enough bragging about my daughter. What can I do to atone for such an indulgence?

I know! A little bonus Blue Rodeo. Enjoy.

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