Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah and Scott rule

Today brought some always welcome strangeness and humor courtesy of my kids. I thought some of you might be able to use a little of both, so with their permission I'm going to share these little moments with you.


The phone rang as I was heading down to yoga. Here's how the conversation went:

Sarah: I probably should have learned this somewhere in life, but I haven't, so I need to ask you.

me: Okay.

Sarah: If cream cheese is so runny that it's practically liquid, and if it tastes really terrible when you take a bite of it on a bagel, do you think it's bad?

me: (after choking back laughter) Yes.

Sarah: Drat!

me: How much did you eat?

Sarah: Only a bite.

me: Then you're probably fine.

Sarah: Right! Time to get some crackers!

We said our good-byes then. Sarah left in pursuit of something for morning nourishment (which, I learned later from her she never found). I headed down to yoga class.


It snowed this morning, not so much that it stuck on the streets but enough to cover some grass and to look lovely in the air. The day began cold and stayed that way for all but a little bit of the afternoon.

So, of course, Scott chose shorts and a Hawaiian shirt to greet the day.

The pimp hat was a gift from Sarah.

From the look on Scott's face, I don't think he expected Rana to snap this picture--but with deep reservations he agreed to let me post it.

Scott, like Kyle, clearly has a pimpin' style.


Kyle said...

Why is this post not tagged with "Scott's pimp style"?

Sarah said...

Scott's pimpin' style is the BEST.

Mark said...

It is now.

Mark said...

Indeed it is, Sarah.

Michelle said...

Somehow, I think all the pimps out there are shaking their collective heads and thinking, "The hat is cool, but you wouldn't catch me in a Hawaiian shirt".

Mark said...

Excellent point!


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