Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bold experiment or big mistake?

Due to SF conventions, I'm rarely home on Labor Day. This year, I will be, so I'm holding a small, extended family cook-out. I'll be grilling my favorite hot dogs (steak dogs from Allen Brothers) and their Wagyu steak burgers, and others will be contributing various side dishes.

For a cook-out near the end of summer, ice cream seemed the only proper dessert choice. I, of course, opted for Jeni's. That's when I ran into these flavors, their current special offer package:

Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries
Carrot Cake
Red Beets with Lemon & Poppy Seeds
Cucumber Honeydew with Cayenne Yogurt

You can read more about these unusual concoctions here.

Was this order a big mistake, or will it prove to have been a bold and wonderful experiment?

I'll know more on Monday and report back then.

Oh, yeah: just in case these flavors prove to be scary, I also ordered half a dozen pints I know we all love. It pays to be careful.


Michelle said...

I am not sure blurring the lines between vegetables and dessert is always a good thing. It is kind of like bacon ice cream, it sounds good in theory, but...I look forward to your blog reporting your results. Happy eating.

Mark said...

I share your trepidation and will report back.

Kyle said...

I just got an ice cream maker. I made homemade Coffee Heath Bar Crunch last night. It'll probably be a while before I work my way down the flavor ladder to Celery.

Kyle said...

In case you're wondering, the flavor ladder looks something like this:

Pistachio & Honey
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
Creme Brulee

Mark said...

Maybe, but this is Jeni's, so it could be great.

Mark said...

I'm glad natto is last.

The Octopus said...


Mark said...

I've seen but not tasted natto sushi. There are some food places I will not go.

Ticia said...

Celery is a negative calorie food. Perhaps Celery Ice Cream is a digestive which allows you to consume more of the other flavors.

p.s. Kyle- Pistachio & Honey sounds incredible.

Mark said...

Here's hoping you're right. And, pistachio and honey does sound tasty.

vampi said...

i think those flavors sound really interesting and would have tried all of them. i think the line between fruit and vegetable is ok to be blurred, but protein should never be made into ice cream *cough*iron chef*cough*

my prediction is the sweetcorn raspberry one will be the big hit.

I also think the cucumber, melon, cayenne one will be popular. until i moved to los angeles and tried one of the fruit street vendors, cayenne on fruit never occurred to me, but it works.

your parties sound like amazing events.

Mark said...

I'm willing to try bacon ice cream, so I can't totally condemn proteins in ice cream, but if Iron Chef has taught us anything, it's that fish and ice cream need to keep their distance.

I fear my parties are boring: we eat, we talk, and that's about it. But, if you're ever in my area and a party is happening, email me, and you can find out for yourself.


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