Sunday, August 30, 2009

UFC 102 predictions: how we did

In yesterday's entry, Kyle and I gave our best guesses about the outcomes of last evening's UFC PPV. Now, it's time to own up.

First, the numbers: I called six right and blew it on five, which is basically as good a result as tossing coins would yield. Kyle nailed only four and missed seven.

Thus, for the second straight round of predictions, I emerged the victor.

To give Kyle credit, he called the main event almost perfectly. Big Nog clearly won a decision, and Couture looked old and out of his depth.

We split on two other main-card events, with Kyle calling Vera correctly and me proving to be right to believe in Marquardt.

On the remaining two main bouts, we both messed up. We chose Jardine, but Thiago Silva had other ideas and knocked out the Dean of Mean in the first round. We also thought the UFC had finally found an opponent Chris Leben could beat, but it was not to be; Jake Rosholt submitted him. I'm hoping the UFC is as tired of Leben as I am.

So, once again, where I pulled ahead was on the undercard, where my minimal research was apparently better than Kyle's.

Though I'm not a professional financial advisor, I feel safe in offering the following advice: Don't make MMA bets using predictions from either Kyle or me.

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