Friday, August 21, 2009

You're not clever

when you cut into the right, turn-only lane so you can pass all the other stopped cars and then cut in again in front of the line, because your time is obviously so much more important than everyone else's. No, you're an asshole.

when in the Admiral's Club you take the laptop table from its place in front of the seat where my briefcase is sitting because I'm off fetching a drink and a snack for my obviously broken-footed traveling companion. No, you're an asshole.

when you walk in front of everyone else waiting patiently in line and interrupt the clerk to announce how important your problem is. No, you're asshole.

when you pull your luggage out of the overhead rack without giving warning first, smack someone hard in the face, and then giggle and as an afterthought mumble a completely unbelievable "sorry." No, you're an asshole.

when you cut in front of a woman on a cart and almost knock her over because where you're going is so very important. No, you're an asshole.

Can you tell some of my Montreal trip experiences weren't entirely positive?


John Lambshead said...

Correct me if I am wrong but is not Montreal in Quebec Province? According to my family history there was a Lambshead with Wolfe at Quebec.



PS, the last guy who tried the lane switch with me ended up with the door slammed in his face.

Mark said...

I might have to try that one day.

Cool about the Lambshead in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Can we assume you may have encountered an asshole or two on your trip?....haha......takes all kinds....but shouldn't on one trip...Chris.....

Mark said...

I do wish people would be nicer when in crowds.


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