Sunday, August 16, 2009

What happens when your dad is an electronics geek

Yesterday, per our plan, Sarah and I hit the Best Buy to buy a few key electronics for her dorm room: TV, DVD player, and external hard disk for her notebook. Sarah wanted a small TV that would fit nicely on a dresser, was iffy about the DVD player, and humored me on the external hard disk (which was a wise decision, because backup is good!).

Here are some sample snippets of dialog from our shopping adventure. I think you'll be able to tell which speaker is which.

I could live with a nineteen-inch.

Why don't you look at these twenty-six-inch models? You might want to watch TV from all the way across the room.

I don't think I'm going to watch TV all that often. The twenty-six-inch ones are just too big.

Okay, how about this twenty-two-inch?

I guess. I'm really only getting a TV at all because I promised my roommate I would.

Drat! This twenty-two-inch is an Insignia. A Samsung would be better, but there aren't any twenty-two-inch Samsungs available. There's a good twenty-six-inch Samsung right over there.

The twenty-two-inch Insignia is fine. Let's get it.

The Samsung's not all that much more. I don't mind paying.

No, really, this one is fine.

But it's an Insignia! All your friends will think your father is some cheap hick who doesn't know his electronics.

No, Dad, they won't.

Oh, yes, they will.

No, really, they won't. Let's take the Insignia and go get the other stuff.
A little while later, as we're walking the aisles.
Look! A twenty-two-inch Samsung. It was clearly meant to be. I can take back this Insignia and pick up one of these.

No, the Insignia is fine. The Samsung is forty bucks more, and I don't think I can see the difference.

But the Samsung is better! And the other one is an Insignia! Remember what I said about your friends?

No, really, the Insignia is fine. Let's go get the other stuff.
Do you see my problem? Sure, Sarah is being sensible and reasonable and saving me money--but, come on, we're talking electronics!

In the end, the sensible person--that would be Sarah--carried the day, and I had to slink out of the store carrying the Insignia.

I swear that twenty-year-old guy working security at the exit smirked at me as he checked off the Insignia.


Elizabeth said...

Hey - do you think we could trade kids? I'm guessing that my experience with Aaron was a bit more typical. Against my recommendation, he bought the huge tv of his choice, then begged for supplementary funds throughout the last half of freshman year. :-)

Mark said...

I suspect your experience is indeed more common. In many ways, I got lucky--but it is an Insignia!

Unknown said...

Your daughter & I have more in common than the same name :-)

But now I know who to ask for electronics advice!

Scott said...

Oh the Shame! If it helps I can come by tomorrow, if you can pick up the Samsung today. I know you'll feel better and I could get rid of one of the back up TV's. and he did smirk.

Mark said...

Sarah, I hope you mean you would ask me, not my daughter!

Mark said...

Scott, I appreciate the offer of help, but I'm good.


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