Thursday, July 16, 2009

You will obey

the figurine's every command, or it will vaporize you. As this photo clearly shows, it has the power, and it is not afraid to use it.

We found it at a thrift shop where we stopped to pass some time between lunch and the mid-afternoon Harry Potter show. Ah, the troubles of beach life. In my normal life, I cannot imagine so many spare minutes, but here, here there is more time. It is glorious.

Kyle found this treasure, showed it to me, and we agreed he had to give it to Sarah--thus demonstrating its satanic controlling power quickly.

Yes, that is a satan-red large Icee Kyle is drinking. The figurine's power knows no bounds.

Sarah has only just touched it and so is not yet happy to be under its thrall.

During the movie, it insisted on a clear view of the screen and the exits at all times.

Sarah was powerless to resist its commands.

By the time the movie was over, Sarah was, as you can see, the proud and happy owner of this demonic ceramic assemblage.

She could not resist.

None of us can.

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