Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Kyle and I fared as fight predictors

As I promised, here's an analysis of how we did in choosing the victors of last night's UFC 100 fights.

Jon Fitch vs. Paulo Thiago: We called this one pretty well: Fitch beat Thiago, and it took three rounds, but the fight was more interesting and involved more interesting positions than we thought.

Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Alan Belcher: We blew this one, but it was a controversial decision. We both thought Belcher won, and to be fair to us, so did color commentator Joe Rogan. The split decision went to Akiyama, and there was definitely no ref stoppage.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping: We named the right winner, but the fight didn't go the way we expected. We said Henderson would take down Bisping repeatedly. Instead, Henderson stalked him, stayed on his feet with him, and ultimately knocked him out.

Georges St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves: We again named the correct winner, but GSP could never finish Alves. GSP did frustrate Alves and dominate him, but Alves gets points for never backing down and never slowing.

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir: Nailed it! Lesnar won in two rounds, and Mir emerged a bloody mess courtesy of Lesnar's insanely powerful ground and pound.

We believe Lesnar's next opponent should be a bear--or perhaps a pair of really good welterweights, which would weigh only a little more than he does.

Recap of our main card calls: 4-1, and the one should have gone our way had the judges been watching the same fight we did. Pretty darn good.

Now, the undercard, where we admitted to not knowing many of the fighters, and it showed.

Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty: Kyle chose Grice for no good reason, and for even less reason, I chose Gugerty. I won, as Gugerty choked out Rice, but there was no skill involved in the choice, and even listed the wrong winner.

C.B. Dolloway vs. Tom Lawlor: We both chose Dolloway, and we were both wrong as Dolloway went to sleep courtesy of Lawlor's guillotine choke.

Dong-Hyun Kim vs. T.J. Grant: We were right to pick Dong, who dominated in manly fashion, but to the best of our knowledge, he never took Grant's back.

Jon Jones vs. Jake O'Brien: I called this one, as Jone submitted O'Brien in the second round. Kyle lost, probably because O'Brien couldn't take him down.

Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller: Kyle's sour vegetarian failed him, and my choice of Miller proved to be correct. Kyle's theory is that Danzig needed more red meat. He says he will bet on a vegetarian again.

Mark Coleman vs. Stephan Bonnar: We were both terribly wrong, as Coleman won a decision over Bonnar. If Bonnar isn't on his way out of the UFC after this fight, something is very wrong.

Undercard recap: I went 4-2, and Kyle ended up a paltry and losing 2-4.

I may make this a regular feature, and with luck my dominance will continue. I would not, however, count on it.

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