Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chapter 1: You are not alone

As Animal House teaches us, the first step on the path to self healing is the recognition that you are not alone. No matter how big a loser you think you are, no matter how hopeless your past has been, no matter how much extra tonnage you're currently lugging around, there are others like you, facing the same struggle. From that knowledge--and from those others--you can draw strength (as well, sometimes, as donuts).

Consider this opening clip from the film that is our guide. You might not fit into the Omega houses of the world. You might have often found yourself on the sofa with Mohammet, Jugdish, Sidney, and Clayton while the popular people dance away their nights. So what? Maybe your sofa mates are your people! Maybe you and Jugdish will hit it off, or perhaps you share the misfortune of poor Clayton. If so, embrace the sofa, and enjoy it for what it is--a place they will let you rest a while.

Of course, you might fit with the Omegas after all. If you do, you really need this book's help; ref. the later "Don't Be a Neidermeyer" chapter.

Maybe, though, you need to stop trying to get into the Omegas of life. Maybe it's time for you to see those fancy houses for the bloated dens of shallow materialism that they truly are.

If you've reached that point, gather with you your Dorfmans, Jugdish, Mohammet, Sidney, and even Clayton friends, and find the home you deserve, the place where others like you can help you advance your personal growth and reach your full potential.

That's right: When you're ready, take the trip to Delta.

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