Thursday, March 6, 2008

A word from Sarah--and more

And now, a word from Sarah:

You should listen to "Impossible" - the Shout Out Louds.

She forgot to mention that I completely pwned her tonight in RPS.

Okay, honesty compels me to admit that I wrote the above sentence before the nightly tournament. In fact, I lost, bringing my losing streak to three (and, says Sarah, "bitter tears to my eyes"). No tears, but I'm not happy.

And yet more bad prose from Sarah: Celebrated author, Mark Van Name, fell to his knees, looked up at the gods, and said, "A losing streak of three! Why me? Dear lord in heaven, why am I made to suffer so? Why am I made to be inferior to my daughter, as Apollo is said to be inferior to Cupid in Ovid's tale, 'Daphne and Apollo?'" Sarah then asked that I please note that despite the purple prose, she is "edumacated." Wow, as a father I am so very proud in this moment.

On a more realistic and happy note, the ARCs of Slanted Jack have arrived at Baen and are going out to reviewers soon. The ARCs look good, and I'm quite pleased. Those who have wanted a bigger book will be please to note that each of these weighs in at a hefty 348 pages, about 50 more than One Jump Ahead.

Based on the outline to date, I think Overthrowing Heaven will be even bigger. I am very, very close to finishing pass one of the outline, so this ordeal is drawing to a close. Last night, I outlined the climax, and I'm digging it. I hope you will, too.


Anonymous said...

Youtube knows all.

Where does Sarah even hear these songs? I feel so tragically unhip.

Mark said...

She can answer best, but I know she spends a lot of time listening to music on many different indie sites.

As for you being tragically unhip, welcome to the club.

Anonymous said...



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