Sunday, January 14, 2018

Just my usual Saturday

Slept late and awoke to another perfect day in Grand Cayman paradise.  I forgot to take a picture of the sky, which late in the day clouded over and then rained on us, but for most of the day the weather could not have been better. 

I headed to an 11:30, two-hour, gourmet lunch featuring the food of Chef Dominique Crenn. 

Click an image to see a larger version.

Each of the four dishes was delicious. My favorite was probably the Harbison cheese tart covered in truffles.

Yes, just another typical Saturday lunch.

I then hurried off to catch a session from Chef Michael Mina and his team, as one does on a lazy Saturday.  I hadn't known much about Mina, but I left the session impressed by his passion, his knowledge, and most of all, his focus on building a great team and giving credit to its members. 

After a short break, I joined a large crowd in listening to Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain tell stories, answer questions, and crack each other up.

I had to do a little work after that, and then I read for a bit before departing for the Emeril vs. (Robert) Irvine dinner, which rain had caused the hotel to move indoors.  There really was no competition, just one room full of people eating Emeril's food--I was there--and another with people enjoying Irvine's.  Emeril spoke to us a few times and mentioned in his first visit that the sold-out dinner (most events here are sold out) was a tribute to his mother, who died this past August.  It contained many dishes she made for their family when he was young.

Like any typical Saturday night dinner, this one included a small band playing some New Orleans jazz.

The evening concluded with a special tenth-anniversary live concert by the rear pool. 

My introverted side shifted into high gear and added the impostor syndrome nitrous booster as I realized that I was nowhere near cool enough to be at this party. 

And that was before the water dancers

and the synchronized swimmers

put on a show for us. 

The live band, a group from Barbados, then took over.  People were dancing and drinking when I left.  I expect they're still at it.

Yeah, just my typical Saturday night.

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