Sunday, January 7, 2018

Gray sky, lazy day

Stronger, larger waves and gray skies showed the effects of nearby storms.  For me, the message was clear: take it easy.

So I did.

After a ton of sleep, I woke up in time to attend the huge brunch at the Seven restaurant.

A non-alcoholic, very tasty fruit drink started my meal.

Click an image to see a larger version.

My main course featured a custom omelet (cheese and some veggies), way too much bacon, sausage, an egg Benedict, and a side plate of grilled cheese with lobster and tomato soup.

All of it was tasty, above average brunch fare--with a view to the ocean to die for.

Yes, the dessert station was amazing.

I sampled a few of its offerings later. All were good, though none exceptional.

The afternoon continued to deliver the morning's message, so I passed my day in dozing and reading and writing, all to the soundtrack of the waves.

I accomplished very little and am completely fine with that.  Others are complaining about the weather; I am enjoying the cool air.

An entirely lazy day at the ocean.  Exactly what I needed. 


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old aggie said...

So are we seeing photos of some of the beverages and foods that Jon will be eating in *All the Worlds Against Us*? ;-)

(no reply needed - enjoy your trip!!)

Mark said...

You never know. I steal from everywhere!


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