Friday, October 13, 2017

You can't tell the books from the writer--or the writer from the books

I'm always surprised by the number of times at cons that I hear something along the lines of, "She doesn't look at all like I expected."  Even ignoring the fact that you can Google pretty much any writer these days and find pics of them, it's always a bad idea to assume that a writer's appearance and their work will have anything in common.  In addition, over time many writers change the types of books they write, so any one association would make no sense at all.

Enjoy the books, enjoy the writer, and don't expect them to look at all alike.


Anonymous said...

This made me smile, thinking of it as a long con/prank. Just one of your friends paying people over the years to stop, look at you and say this("She doesn't look at all like I expected.")over and over again. At first you would just smile but then after years go by you would eventual start exasperatedly uttering "My first Name is Mark!"


Mark said...

Alas, I've never heard anyone say it about me, just about other writers.

Andy Finkel said...

I don't go out of my way to google appearances of authors; I agree with you, it doesn't matter.

I do, though, build up a mental picture of an author after reading them over years, and its always interesting to me to see how well that image matches up to reality when I happen to meet that author.

Mark said...

Fair enough. I'm such an avid reader of dustjackets that I've usually seen a picture of an author before I meet them.


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