Monday, June 26, 2017

Two MMA personalities who should stop working in the field

BJ Penn has at times been one of the most amazing fighters in MMA history. He's held UFC championships in two weight classes and has fought in many memorable bouts. He retired once, but like so many athletes, he couldn't stand being on the sidelines and came out of retirement.

He should have stayed retired.

Last night, he fought Dennis Siver and looked awful. Siver tore him apart.

I've long admired Penn's skill and enjoyed watching him over the years, but I sincerely hope he stops fighting before he can hurt himself or his reputation any more.

By contrast, veteran referee Mario Yamasaki has always been prone to errors, and he's not getting any better. He stopped Sunday night's main event entirely too early and left poor Michael Chiesa correctly feeling robbed. Yamasaki needs to stop being a ref--and if he won't, athletic commissions everywhere should stop hiring him--because he is simply not good at the job.

I doubt Yamasaki would agree, of course, but I bet most MMA fans--and even UFC President Dana White--would.

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