Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Doing what's easiest vs. doing what's right

All too often, I encounter people doing whatever is easiest for themselves rather than making the small extra effort necessary to do what's right for their clients or friends or families. Tonight, leaving work, I encountered a perfect small example.

I was stepping out of an elevator in our office building into the lobby. The floor of the lobby is tile. The room was brightly lit and recently mopped, but enough of the water had dried that I didn't initially notice any of the floor was still wet. After a few steps, I almost slipped, caught myself, and then sighed. I'd complained before that when the janitorial team mopped, they should put out a "wet floor" caution sign so folks would avoid slipping--or at least have notice that they should.

As I was carefully continuing my walk to the door, I noticed there was indeed a "wet floor" sign--but in a corner, out of view of either elevator, near the door the cleaning crew probably took to exit the lobby. The sign was technically in the lobby, and its location was probably convenient for the person doing the mopping, but it did absolutely no good whatsoever.

Oh, what a difference just a little bit of thought and consideration could make.


Mark P said...

I take it you moved the sign?

Mark said...



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