Monday, February 13, 2017

Qspresso serves the best Cubano in the Triangle

I'd read about Qspresso in a few places, including Greg Cox's review in the N&O, but I'd yet to try it.  I fixed that the other day with a visit to the food truck.  I'm happy to report that for my taste, Qspresso serves the best Cubano sandwich in the Triangle area.

This is no small thing.  I'm a huge fan of Cubanos, and many of the local variations are frankly poor imitations of the real deal.  Just the bread, which must be lard-based to have the perfect flavor, is very hard to find.  The Qspresso folks originally imported theirs but now have a local baker making a strong variation of the bread.  It's not quite as robust as it should be, but it's the best Cubano bread I've had in this area.

Our small group also sampled multiple other dishes, and all were tasty, but the Cubano is the star.

Having said that, I must also say that Qspresso's Cubano has not yet reached perfection.  The one I tasted needed a bit more ham and a more even distribution of that meat, so that every bite contained all the right flavors.  It also should have contained more pickle slices.

That said, for now it is my go-to Cubano.  If you love this sandwich or would just like to try a good version, catch Qspresso, and enjoy!

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