Saturday, January 7, 2017

Didn't shower, don't have to (and a cute dog)

That's a rule when snow-pocalypse hits the Research Triangle area.  I slept all day and couldn't be happier for having done so.

How bad is it?  Here at the house, we are buried under what might be as much as two or three inches of snow and ice.  Northerners, feel free to laugh; we deserve it.  (On the serious side, the ice is the issue.)

The view out the front door at a bit after six is gray and white.

Click an image to see a larger version.

Intrepid as ever, Holden is willing to brave the outdoors--though admittedly only because he has business to conduct.

"It's come to this," he says, "you're using me as cheap traffic bait?"

Why, yes, Holden, yes, I am.  We all gotta earn our kibble, and this is part of how you earn yours.

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Michelle said...

I realize that the South is ill equipped to deal with snow and ice and 2 inches looks like a blizzard and panic mode sets in. (They have shown the people in Atlanta clearing out grocery shelves as if preparing for a good old Florida hurricane). And, yes, we in the North are shaking our heads, laughing and wondering what you would do if your were out at 5am with a snow blower clearing out 2 feet of snow from a driveway. But, snow and ice are not fun. And I do feel a little sorry for you. A little. And, our dogs will not got out to "do their business" unless we go too. I think they want to make sure it isnt a in, why should we stay in and pee in a warm bathroom when they have to lift a leg on a frozen tree. Holden gets my vote for braving the cold with dignity.


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