Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Well, that's something good

Happy political news has been in scarce supply lately, so for those who don't follow North Carolina politics I am pleased to report that our reprehensible Governor, Pat McCrory, has finally conceded that he indeed lost the race he actually lost on election day.  The challenger, Roy Cooper, is now our Governor-elect.

This news is important not only because McCrory was a horrible Governor in general, but also because he was the public face of our terrible HB2 bill, about which many companies have rightly blasted North Carolina.

I'm not very optimistic that Cooper will be able to get our Republican-dominated legislature to repeal this heinous piece of legislation, but I will cling to the hope that the legislators will find the loss of revenue and public shaming enough reason to repeal the bill--and maybe use McCrory as their scapegoat on the way out.

Regardless, it's great to see McCrory leaving.


Michelle said...

The state legislature can vilify him as much as they want as long as they repeal this horrible bill. Its a shame they won't man (and woman) up and admit they were wrong, but that's not going to happen. The state has lost more than just revenue, it has lost the respect your fine state deserves. Losing the NCAA basketball tournaments,as well as games from other teams that refuse to play there, which was a longstanding tradition in North Carolina, was huge. Huge. Entertainers and events refusing to play or be held there was an enormous blow to the revenue to your state. You are not alone in having god awful leadership and unfortunately, that trend will continue for another four years for our nation in general. But, it is good to see that this one small step is for the positive. Good for you, North Carolina, well done.

Mark said...

I also very much hope they repeal this offensive law.

Rosanne said...

I had a comment almost written and my iPad suddenly went haywire . Everything seems to be breaking! Wry lol. I will try again later. I agree with you about being hopeful .


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