Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our not-so-crazy first night in Vegas

So what kind of Vegas party animals are Kyle and I?

Well, on our first night in Sin City, we walked more than a mile each way to go from our hotel to dinner and back, ate two small plates each at a decent Italian place (Lago), enjoyed small cups of gelato at our favorite gelateria in the Bellagio, and watched the last episode of The Ultimate Fighter in our room.

Oh, yeah:  we talked, I worked, and we read.

What wild and crazy guys we are!


Mark P said...

I thought what happened Las Vegas stayed in Las Vegas !

Mark said...

Not when it's this boring!

Ticia said...

Wait, that's not fair! How can we live vicariously through you if you're not going wild in Vegas? And how can we know when you are going wild if you're not supposed to share the information? I just realized Vegas is one giant Schrödinger's box and we will never know where you are in the cycle.

Mark said...

You know the two of us, so you can be pretty sure we're not going wild.

Ticia said...

A girl can dream! Especially one with an active imagination! :)

Mark said...

Fair enough.


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