Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's going to take me some time

to get over my embarrassment and outrage at being a member of the group--white men--that more than any other went for Trump in this election.  I don't care if you are dissatisfied with business as usual, or you want more opportunities, or you dislike the current administration; there's simply no acceptable excuse for voting for a racist, sexist candidate.

I did not vote for Trump, and I am sad and pissed that I am a member of a group that overwhelmingly did.


Cameron said...

I haven't seen yet how these numbers compare to 2008 or 2012, but Trump somehow also managed to carry white women:

Mark said...

A sad day indeed.

Mark P said...

I think you should listen to Norah Jones 'My Dear Country' as it might be relevant.

Michelle said...

I am profoundly sad. I am sad because this totally unqualified misogynistic, hedonistic, racist,sexist,homophobic bully will try to force my country into his vision. Maybe I could handle that if I believed that Congress would keep him in check. But that's not what really makes me sad. The real kicker is that he was voted in by people who drank his rhetoric in and it hit them at their gut level. That means that not only did 50% of America voted in one of the greatest bullies of all time, but it means we are living among bullies who want to kick others down so they can be ahead. Maybe that wasn't the rationale for all of them, but if seeing those "basket of deplorables" (pretty damn accurate, Hillary) and their vile chants and behavior at the rallies is any indication, we, as a nation, are in trouble. He is a disgusting human being who feels no problem grabbing women by their genitals, making fun of the disabled, calling an entire ethnic group rapists, while rating women's value by the size of their breasts...apparently a 32A bra cup automatically means you are a dog. America has disappointed me. If they wanted change, why not clean the house and not re-elect incumbent senators and representatives. He fed them tainted kool aid and the drank it up. Now, he is trying to act calm and humble and saying how great he thinks Obama is when they met yesterday. Fuck you, trump. I would respect you more if you were your normal asshole behavior. This gentler side of you makes me vomit. Oh, and by the way...the next time you want to talk about the size of your penis in public, remember that large hands do correlate to the length of your johnson. Just saying.


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