Thursday, November 17, 2016

Heading home in the morning

This two-week work trip has been good, and I've enjoyed many excellent meetings and conversations with friends and clients, but I have to say that I am glad to be flying home tomorrow morning.

The only bad part of the return trip is that it starts so early, but so it goes.

The past two weeks have been difficult for the obvious reason, but I'm getting used to the new reality and starting to plan all the ways that I have to up my personal game in the face of our new political scene.

No matter how Trump and his team behave, the rest of us owe it to each other and to our country to try to be even better people, to take care of all of our fellow citizens, and to reject indifference and hate in favor of love.

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David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

I was struck again by how fortunate we were to have had Obama when he spoke of conciliation and common sense. A president I could vote for.

Whereas Mrs Clinton blamed her loss on the FBI director, not because of what he said but because by saying anything he reminded people of her past behavior. I'm not sorry to have voted for her--she was obviously the better choice--but jeepers! she was unfit for the job.

Yours for politeness and courtesy,


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