Saturday, October 8, 2016

Well, that was not fun

The plan was to watch the UFC PPV.  Hurricane Matthew did not like the plan.

So, out went my power, mid-afternoon, as I was enjoying a weekend nap.

No problem.  We moved the whole group to a nearby friend's house.  We got takeout pizza and settled in to watch an episode of Parts Unknown before switching to the fights.

Out went the power.

At that point, we gave up.

As a special treat, Sunday morning (I'm posting this Saturday entry on Sunday night), we discovered minor flooding--a couple of inches of water--in my basement.  The damage wasn't horrible, except that hundreds of comic books are ruined.

I am not happy with Matthew.

Not that the storm cares.


Mark P said...

When I saw on the news that the hurricane was to hit South Carolinas I wondered how you'd fare? How far from the coast are you?
In Britain we've only had one hurricane in my entire life, back in 87. I was living near the coast at the time not far from where it made landfall. We lost a lot of trees, Kent and Sussex especially, as well as fences, chimney pots and of course electricity.

Mark said...

We're all fine now, save for the comics damage. We're about 120 miles from the coast.

I'm glad you haven't had bad hurricane experiences.

Rosanne said...

Sorry to hear about your comic books. I hope you have power restored. Hurricane Fran did a number on the house I used to live in. A tree through the roof, rain into much of the house, 7 large trees down in the backyard in addition to the one through the roof and two down in the front yard. Thankfully, I've never been through anything like that since!

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. We have power, and all is well.


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