Saturday, September 3, 2016

A few DragonCon Saturday snippets

Toured the art show today.  Multiple pieces tempted me, but I'm not sure any will end up going home with me.  Tomorrow will tell that tale.

Ate a reasonably healthy Mediterranean lunch at the nearby Aviva by Kameel.  Long lines, but that's true everywhere near the con hotels.

Attended the Baen Traveling Road Show.  It's always fun, and it was today.  I learned there that my friend, David Drake, had won Baen's readers' award for the best military SF story for "Save What You Can," his Hammer's Slammers story in Onward, Drake!  As the one who commissioned that story, I was quite happy to hear the news.  Well done, Dave!

Dinner took me back to Gunshow for another excellent meal, with dessert afterward at a nearby Jeni's.  Great food all around.

Tonight's people-watching was both the best and the most intense yet.  The Hyatt lobby was tough to navigate and full of spectacle.

The Marriott lobby was even more crowded than last night and featured an amazing assortment of people in costumes--as well as hundreds and hundreds just socializing and looking.

Tomorrow, a publisher brunch, a signing, and time in the art show and dealers' rooms!

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