Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Want to see some great shots of the fireworks show from yesterday's annual Fourth of July party?

Sure you do, and you should.  The show was awesome.  Fortunately, my friend, Warren, was on hand to shoot some amazing pictures, and you can now see them on his Flickr account.  Enjoy!


Rosemary Leonard said...

We are assuming you are preparing for your annual beach ritual. Hope to see you soon! Rose

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,
Warren was also showing me (to the best of his phone's limited ability) his Giant Pixel (if I remember correctly) work. I suspect that's on his website and is worth a look, even for non-photographers like me. Geek Field Guide, I think.
He does amazing photography.

Mark said...

Rose, yes, indeed, we are.

Dave, yeah, Warren does some excellent work. These photos are on that same Flickr site, I believe.


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