Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Please watch this short but important video

It's the first in PT's Women Coding for Change series.  I wrote about it last week when I also showed the trailer for the series.  This video will give you a sense of just how big the gender disparity issue in STEM is, and what this problem is costing us all.

We really are hurting all of us by letting this problem persist.  PT's site offers a little more data and a few ways you can help, but you can easily find a great deal more information with only a little web searching.

I'm proud of the team that created this series.  I hope it will help encourage people to get involved and work to address this issue.


Mark P said...

I've worked in software development for 25 years. I would agree that most software professionals are male. Although I've noticed more women in testing roles.

The reason, maybe women are brighter than men and consequently choose other careers.
I've noticed in the past that HR tends to have more women.

As to the Quoted large number of unfilled IT rolls, please off shore them to the UK rather than India. I'm just about to be made redundant as they're moving my job to the North of England as it's cheaper, so I would appreciate new job opportunities.

Mark said...

I wish I could help, Mark.

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

It's proper for you to do all you can at your level, but with a large company like Microsoft bringing in pole dancers for a game roll-out, you've got an uphill fight.


Mark said...

We may indeed, but it's a fight worth entering.


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