Thursday, May 19, 2016

The best dog in the world protects a bone

For no reason I could fathom, one evening not long ago, Holden decided that everyone in our den was a threat to one of his bones.  Having reached that decision, he leapt into action to defend the bone.

First, he tried distracting us all by moving his head and tail so quickly that they became blurry.

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That ploy worked briefly, but we must have paid too much attention to the bone, because he then decided to draw away our attention by walking toward a person and psychically broadcasting, "Follow me with your eyes, me, just me, not that bone, only me."

He next tried a blend of fast motion and psychic persuasion.

I must not have responded as he wished, because he then decided to reassess whether the bone was worth all the effort it was causing him.

Eventually, he decided that it was indeed a worthy bone, so he beseeched me directly not to let anyone touch it.

Holden carried the day.  I agreed we would all leave the bone in his able care.

The bone thanked him.

The greatest dog in the world averted another crisis.

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