Friday, May 27, 2016

Opening ceremonies, Balticon 50 style

I devoted most of today to work and prep for Balticon 50's opening ceremonies.  I grabbed a completely unhealthy but delicious lunch at a nearby Shake Shack and then returned to business.

Tonight's opening ceremonies required more than the usual amount of work because it was by far the biggest OC I've ever managed as toastmaster or master of ceremonies.  In addition to the traditional introductions of guests, we presented five different sets of awards and at the end brought on stage a total of 19 past and current Balticon author guests of honor.  Seeing all those notable writers on one stage was quite a treat, both for the audience and for me.  I'm honored they let me handle the event.

Dinner was a meal with friends at Dinosaur BBQ, whose meats were way better than I had expected and whose spiced mac-and-cheese was absolutely delicious.

I'd write more, but tomorrow I have to participate in five major events, two of which are my newest comedy show and an interview with Guest of Honor George R.R. Martin.  So, it's time to grab a little sleep!


Mark P said...

I had a peek at the list of guests.

I must be rather out of it as I only recognised Larry Niven and Harry Turtledove.

Mark said...

I'm surprised John Varley and Harry Turtledove and Joe Haldeman, to name but three, didn't stand out.


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