Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The weather is behaving irrationally

and so to retaliate, I have decided, at least while at home, to dress equally irrationally.

If you really want to see a larger version of this image, 
click on it--but don't blame me.

This outfit is bound to teach the weather a lesson.

By the way, don't think I don't know what you're thinking.  I do:  all sexy, all the time.

Oh, yeah, that's me.


Mark P said...

You're obviously of hardy stock. I won't wear shorts unless its in the mid 20 centigrade.

Mark said...

Or I'm just dumb sometimes. It's a little of both.

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

I have to admit, that was _not_ what I was thinking.


Michelle said...

Are you channeling your Pamela Lee Anderson by wearing UGGS with shorts? She would be proud!

Mark said...

Dave, I am so sad and surprised.

Michelle, I don't know enough about Anderson to get the reference, so I must admit that she was not an influence in this fashion choice.


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