Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank you

I try always to thank people for what they do for me, but I know I often fail.  On Thanksgiving, like many people I try to be even more thankful for what I have, for all that I have in every area.

Here in this blog, I particularly and publicly want to thank all of the people who have ever bought my books and thus let me have what writing career I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.  I am deeply grateful to you all.


Mark P said...

Please make us happy by publishing some more.

Your successful career with all the associated travelling seems to delay the next anticipated Jon & Lobo novel. :-(

You are to be admired for having 2 successful careers.

Mark said...

I very much intend to do that.

Yes, my job has hurt my writing progress. I am working to fix that balance.

Thanks, most of all, for the kind words and the support.

old aggie said...

Gotta agree.

Every time Scalzi posts a photo of a stack of ARCs, I scan through them in hope. Then I tell myself, "Mark's company is providing folks with good-paying jobs and doing a bunch of good both through their business and through the sabbaticals, so don't complain because you're pining for entertainment."

Since you and I are almost exactly the same age (my online moniker is only partly a joke :-), I hold out hope that I will live to see the end of the Jon & Lobo story arc. I do not have that hope with Sanderson's cosmere series and have promised myself not to get sucked into any more series where the author is so much younger than me.

I had an insight the other day & will take this opportunity to share: I'm a big fan of Spencer Quinn's "Chet & Bernie" mystery series, and somehow in my mind Lobo and Chet (the dog) have almost the same voice. Lobo is way smarter than Chet, plus he has bigger weapons than just teeth, but their personalities seem sort of the same, at least to me.

I am thankful not just for Jon & Lobo, but also for this blog & your willingness to share your thoughts with us.

Hope you & your family had a wonderful holiday!

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. I very much hope to ramp up the pace of my writing in the coming years.

I genuinely appreciate your support.

I hope you and yours had a great holiday!


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