Saturday, August 29, 2015

The most pleasant Highway Patrol encounter I've had

Earlier tonight, on my way home from dinner, a North Carolina Highway Patrol officer pulled me over.  All in all, it was an amazingly pleasant experience, the best I've ever had.

When the cop lights went on, I was surprised.  I wasn't speeding and had the cruise control set, so I was at first puzzled as to why they were stopping me.  The trooper who approached my car explained that I had been frequently changing lanes, so he was worried that I might be in trouble.  (What he was really worried about was whether I was drunk, but he sold his concern well.)  He also said I was the first Tesla he had pulled over, and I praised the car, as I tend to do.

I had indeed been changing lanes often.  I do that when I am tired and sometimes even when I'm not, because it breaks the boredom on a long drive and is a good way to avoid eye fatigue.  It is also apparently a good way to attract the attention of a trooper.

I had my license ready when he wanted to see it.  He asked if I had been drinking.  I told the truth:  no, and I don't drink, haven't since I was 17.  He made me follow one finger with my eyes, pronounced me sober (I was), and sent me on my way.

When I was 17, I would not have believed I could have a nice encounter when being pulled over, but I'm happy to report that tonight, to my surprise, I did.


David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

You may recall that some years ago a drunk came across the highway and hit us head-on. A Highway Patrolman came along in good time and took my statement after he got that of the driver (Jo).

I told him that it was the first time I'd sat in a patrolman's car and the conversation hadn't begun with, "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?"


Mark said...

Oh, yes. These other conversations are much more pleasant.

Eric said...

Dave, were you trying to bait the patrolman?

Griffin Barber said...

Dave, you sat in this patrolman's car without mishap. Then again, it was my personal vehicle, so there's that.


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