Sunday, August 16, 2015

On the road again: San Francisco, day 1

After five hours of sleep and a very long travel day, I am in San Francisco, where I'll be attending the Intel Developer Forum and having some meetings.

I was lucky enough to get an upgrade on the day's shorter flight, the one to Chicago, but I declined the lunch because it featured a return appearance of The Chicken of Sadness.  Not for me, this depressed bit of fowl carcass.

Instead, I enjoyed a tasty turkey sandwich from Wolfgang Puck in O'Hare.

I worked through almost all of the four hours and forty-three minutes of flying time that it took us to reach San Francisco.  No upgrade for this one, alas, but at least I had an exit row seat.

After some more work, I took a break and, despite Scott's warnings and incredibly funny summary, went to see the Fantastic Four at a nearby cinema.  I may write later about the movie, but only after I recover.  I don't quite understand why no one's been able to make a good movie out of this bedrock superhero comic, but this year's version continues the tradition of weak FF offerings.

So I could avoid falling behind on any work front, I broke with my usual dining practices and for dinner had a completely serviceable room service meal.

I hope to get out tomorrow for a good dinner, but work will decide what's possible.


Rosanne said...

I had sent you a heads up that it was getting abysmal ratings as well. I was SO hoping that there would finally be a good FF movie also. As were, I bet, many, many other folks.

Hope you do get a nice meal to help you recover from your FF viewing. Sounds like the movie earned an FF rating!

Mark said...

You had warned me, Scott had warned me, and all the critics had warned me, but I had to know. It did try; it just couldn't quite make it work.

Eric said...

I have too many fond memories of reading the comics as a kid to agree entirely with this, but I cant say it's entirely wrong.

Mark said...

Yeah, as a kid who didn't think a lot about the consequences of the actions of heroes in comics, I loved these comics. That said, this article does indeed have a good point.

Rosanne said...

I realized that I too have checked out movies with bad ratings to decide for myself. Every once in a while, I disagree, but most of the time the critics were spot on. That said, I have really disliked some movies that got rave reviews and won Oscars.

Mark said...

I have definitely had that experience.

Anonymous said...

The Incredibles took basically the same characters, replaced Human Torch with Flash, and made a great James Bond/Comics movie out of it. What the heck is wrong with Hollywood that they can't make a decent movie out of the FF?

Mark said...

I don't know, but so far all attempts at making a decent FF film have failed.


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