Monday, August 3, 2015

My spam says I need help

as you can clearly see in this screen shot of roughly six hours of spam from yesterday.

(Click the image to see a larger version.)

The good news is that my spam wants to help me get a new car, new windows, new electronics, and some Amazon points.

The bad news is that my spam is convinced I am suffering from all of the following:
  • hearing loss
  • low testosterone
  • fatness (true)
  • memory loss
and multiple other ailments.

At least this batch of spam did not accuse me of having any STDs, as many other recent batches have.

Spam should make you want to click on something.  The spammers who developed these messages clearly missed that point.  Nothing here was tempting--something for which I suppose I should be grateful.  I just have trouble with incompetence in any area.

I continue to want a better class of spam.


Mark P said...

No offers on little blue pills. Perhaps with the memory loss they believed you wouldn't remember what they were for.

Mark said...

Good point.

Michelle said...

Why are almost all my spams about seeing naked coeds or dating Russian girls looking for a nice American to be friends with, oh yeah, and do you want to see me naked. Or, they want me to buy oxycodene over the internet.But, my favorite continue to be the Dr Sir or Madam, I want to give you 15 million dollars as my Nigerian government won't let me keep it. Maybe I should send it to the naked coeds or Russian girls so they can buy clothes.

Rosanne said...

I sometimes get spam for things like mail-order brides, phone sex lines, and so forth, and I think it might be happening because my first two initials are "mr". I will gladly send on this spam! JK. Well, some would find it interesting, I guess.

Mark said...

Michelle and Rosanne, your spam sounds better than me, but please don't forward any. I already get plenty.

Rosanne said...

As, I mentioned, I just was just kidding about sending it on! Yes, too much spam!


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