Thursday, July 30, 2015

Onward, Drake! has another cover

Sort of.  It's a gag the Baen staff pulled on Dave, but it's pretty funny, providing you're willing to accept something that is most definitely not politically correct.  (If you're not, don't look.  If you're not and you look, don't blame me; I warned you.)

You can see it and read about it on Dave's site here, or you can just jump right to it here.


Mark P said...

I've always liked the book covers produced for Dave's roasting.

Mark said...

Thanks. Jennie and I had a ton of fun producing the first set.

David Drake said...

Dear Mark,

It's worth mentioning that I'm not politically correct either.

Who laughed very hard when they sprang it on me.

Mark said...

Dave, I took that as a given.

Mark P said...

Being politically correct is greatly overrated.

Top Gear wasn't and it was immensely popular.

Rosanne said...

I want to see a woman author's book cover with her surrounded by scantily clad men, to even things out. Actually, having dealt with sexism for YEARS, I have to say that going up against that when a person is just trying to do good work for a company and have equal opportunity is frustrating and very upsetting. I realize the cover was for a roast, but it still brings up some terrible memories.

Mark said...

MarkP, you may be right, but I want to be sensitive to people's feelings. In this case, I believe I failed, as you can see in the response from Rosanne.

Rosanne, I should have been clear in my warning that the joke cover could be--and was, for you--a sexism trigger. I am sorry for not doing better on that front. I do not in any way support sexist behavior in the workplace, and I try not to be sexist. I thought people would appreciate seeing this cover, but in showing it I did support its sexist basis. FWIW, I believe the people who created it, at least some of whom were women, and its main audience--Dave--all found it funny and meant no harm by it.

Rosanne said...

Thank you for your response, Mark. I do tend to have a hair-trigger response to certain items. I am trying to mellow a bit and not be so extremely reactive. Take care.


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