Tuesday, March 24, 2015

On the road again: Austin, day 2

Walking down the row of rental cars yesterday to find mine, I encountered this pair.

Click an image to see a larger version.

Quick quiz:  which one was mine?

If you guessed the Corolla--or anything "not the Jaguar"--you would be correct.  Of course, I couldn't afford the mechanic I would have needed to retain to fix the Jag's problems while I was in town this week.

Today was an eighteen-hour work day, so I have little I can report.  Lunch was a meal with a friend and client.  It contained so much meat, courtesy of a local Salt Lick, that I was still full when I went to bed.  (Dinner was two side salads in the middle of the evening.)

I can say that the weather here is perfect, spring idealized, as good as Texas has to offer.  Lovely indeed.

Tomorrow, more work!


Kyle said...

What, no Fiat?

Mark said...

Fortunately, no.


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